The Digital Transformation of Church Communication


By Larry D. Witzel
Unpublished manuscript (November 26, 2023)
School of Communication and the Arts, Liberty University


Society today is undergoing a radical reorganization driven by cloud computing, big data, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence, the latest instance of new technology driving massive change. The pace of this change requires organizations, including churches, to adapt at a rapid pace to remain relevant and impactful in this new world. This paper reviews current literature on the digital transformation, including an understanding of how scholars today understand what it is. It looks at how businesses are adapting to the digital transformation and the leadership elements required to successfully drive this change. It then considers the implications of the digital transformation for church communication and ministry in a contemporary context, offering support for the hypothesis that churches who embrace the digital transformation will attract and retain young adults at higher rates than churches who do not.

Keywords: digital transformation, church communication, young adult evangelism


Witzel, L. D. (2023, November 26). The digital transformation of church communication [Unpublished manuscript]. School of Communication and the Arts, Liberty University.